Goat Milk from the Farm

Our Goat Milk Farms

Nature's fresh Goat Milk from the farm

Fresh, natural Goat Milk from Gippsland, south east Victoria in Australia .  Gippsland is one of Australia’s largest dairy producing regions known for its lush green pastures ideal for goat grazing.  Our beautiful farms of open green pasture provide great conditions for our goats, who enjoy eating plants, shrubs, farm grown hay and grains.  Happy healthy goats are they key to a quality produce. 

Our manufacturing soap plant is located in Sydney, Australia.  We manufacture our own bottles, create a blend of goats milk soap in small batches to ensure quality and pack the products from our automated filling line.  This enables us to maintain control of the quality in production.

We source 100% natural goat milk from Saanen Goats.  They are one of the most productive dairy goats in the world, originally from Switzerland, they prefer cooler conditions and produce the best creamy goats milk.

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